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*  Comments by John Rose regarding the importance of universal service in achieving universal high-speed broadband access

*  New Video Highlights USFs Critical Role to All Americans
    DVD aims to educate, mobilize consumers and communities about role of USF in their lives

*  Letter to the Editor
    The coalition responds to a March 3 column in the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch (PDF 29KB)

*  Ten Myths That Could Destroy Universal Service
    Dale Lehman, Director of the MBA Program in Telecommunications Management at
    Alaska Pacific University (PDF 102 KB)

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*  Virtual Press Kit

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I have children in Oregon who brag to their neighbors that I can get DSL in Elmo, [Utah], and they dont have it available in areas outside of Portland! Goes to show what a small, but very professional and committed company can do with good people at the helm.
- Sue Copinga, Elmo, Utah

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